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Turn to glass

Tardigrades withstand extreme environments by turning to glass…

Flaunt that pout

New research shows that bigger brighter lips in black and white snub-nosed monkeys is best for mating success

Sexy shudders

Shuddering by male spiders may or may not be a turn on for potential female mates…

Sea lion dementia?

Why do large numbers of sea lions occasionally get washed ashore?

Face mites – clues to human evolution?

Meet the mites on your face who can help you understand who you are…

Art and science work

New NSF research finds that arts-based science learning works…

IVF puppies

IVF puppies have been created for the first time in scientific history…

Warbler migration

Blackpoll warblers migrating along the western fringes of North America to South America travel almost twice as far as their eastern counterparts…

Germ free poo won’t do

Like the smell of my poo? New research reveals how gut bacteria influence cockroach social lives

Cool carbon dioxide?

We usually always think of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas that causes global warming

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