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Orca poo clue to diet

Killer whales like to dine on salmon…

Dogs read emotions

Dogs can read facial expressions…

Musical monkeys

Monkeys can detect pitch like humans…so say researchers

Suicide rates among soldiers

Suicide among soldiers is on the rise…at least in the USA

New chemical elements

New elements have been unveiled by slamming lighter nuclei into each other and tracking the decay of the radioactive superheavy elements that followed…

Space mess

For the past six decades we’ve been hurling junk into outer space…

Bacterial cheats?

Cheating bacteria hold clue to antibiotic resistance

Carbon-free fuel

GM carbon-free fuel made from bits of virus and bacteria

Dinosaur swimming techniques

Scientists theorise on plesiosaur swimming techniques…

Global warming good?

New research suggests that the effects of global warming may not be all bad…

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